21st Century Design for the Workplace

Mirroring the Changing Economy

The 20th Century Industrial Age economy transitioned into one where companies require active participation from its workers at all levels. The hierarchical pyramid has morphed into distributed team circles that overlap. My courses mirror that change by employing 21st Century learning best practices. They embody team-based learning which is critical to support the needs of businesses and foster interactions that are authentic, meaningful and absolutely relevant.

Onboarding New Employees

New hire training should facilitate an understanding of the corporate culture while creating context for what needs the business' services and solutions meet in the marketplace. Mission and values statements create a common perspective for how the work will be carried out. New workers have unique life experiences, prior knowledge and 'fresh eyes' to see opportunities for improvement. Divergent vs. convergent thinking incites creativity which is necessary for businesses to innovate and thrive in the 21st Century. The divergent results pull us out of our comfort zones - but fresh approaches to problems take all of us to a new, creative plane - and that is exciting!










Originally from Evanston, Ilinois I have been enjoying the good life in Madison, WI since 1993.

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