Captivate - Introduction to Sailing

Custom Flash animation, photography, graphics, quizzes combine with voiceover work to create a media rich learning experience



As a Sailing Instructor at the University of Wisconsin Hoofer Sailing Club I often found myself covering the same material over and over. How does a sailboat get its power? Which angles to the wind are used for leaving and landing at a pier? How can a sailboat navigate upwind, downwind and what is the correct terminology to describe any of these actions?


Initially storyboarded and then prototyped using SlideSix, I developed animated graphics in Adobe Flash Professional, used my own photographs, PowerPoint for slide backgrounds, and voiceovers synchronized with visual representations. While viewers are engaged in the tutorial, formative quizzes reinforce topics while helping the audience self-assess their understanding of sailing terminology.

The Captivate-generated tutorial brings it all together and suggests next steps.



~ Fifteen years of client and staff training

~ Particular emphasis on use of Internet technologies for collaborative learning.

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Originally from Evanston, Ilinois I have been enjoying the good life in Madison, WI since 1993.

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