Portfolio of Work

Most of my work is proprietary but here are some resources that I recently created and would like to share with you at this time.

Intro to Sailing
Adobe Captivate

Custom Flash animation, photgraphy and graphics combined with voiceover and quizzes

Apple River
Environmental Evaluation

Conservation Professionals immersed in the physical world

San Francisco, CA
Instructional design emphasizing 21st Century skills

The course design has students collaborate in a synchronous meeting and respond to discussion board posts. Authentic assessment rubric included.

Bald Eagle
Multimedia brings photos to life!

Series of photos edited in Photoshop and brought to life in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Intro to Sailing
Earth to Sky

A simple photo, capturing a jet passing overhead, becomes the basis for a video with audio.

Open Space
Explore the Infinite Workspace

Prezi provides an infinite workspace and a way to create more effective presentations. Click 'More' and then 'Autoplay' to see a Prezi photography presentation

Open Space
Onboarding New Employees

Existing training is modified to incorporate Social media, virtual classroom and authentic learning strategies.

Open Space
Spring Storm using Animoto

Images and sounds combine to create a mood or feeling that is useful in Instructional Design.

Asking the right questions makes all the difference

How a prototype Wiki achieved organizational buy-in and led to a Learning Management System







~ Fifteen years of client and staff training

~ Particular emphasis on use of Internet technologies for collaborative learning.

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Originally from Evanston, Ilinois I have been enjoying the good life in Madison, WI since 1993.

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