LMS and WIKI Development

Questions any organization should ask and answer before launching into a Wiki or LMS.


Stakeholders and Content

Wikis and Learning Management Systems (LMS) are more than a big information clearinghouse; they can help bring businesses and organizations together. When implementing either, one needs to involve all of the stakeholders to ensure organizational buy-in.

At the University of Wisconsin Sailing Club I used a free (except for the ads) site to prototype a Wiki and start the organizational discussion. First, I created a dashboard user interface, added discussion categories, pictures and RSS feeds. Later, I recorded two Screencasts as an orientation for new users.

I presented to the Instruction Team and asked probing questions to shape and steer the disccussion. What content should be present? Who should have permissions to upload or modify? Should discussions be open to all 1350 Club Members or just administration and staff? If so, who acts as the moderator? Who maintains the site? And these are just a few of the questions any organization should ask and answer before launching into a Wiki or LMS.

Live Prototype Site Embedded - Explore!

Prototype leads to change

The Hoofer Sailing Club Instructor Wiki I built using Wetpaint served its purpose as a prototype and got people thinking about having a collaborative online space. The Sailing Club Web Administrator linked the Club Website to a Wiki hosted by the University of Wisconsin. In fact, the Club had been paying for this service all along! The prototype work done with the Wetpaint site helped the Club envision how they could use existing resources. The Club lesson site, now coupled with the UW-Wiki, serves the organization as a true LMS.

Watch the Introduction to the Wiki or Adding and Editing Files screencasts recorded on Jing.


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